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    hello, just got bu-303 and using auto routes witch is absolutely cack but it was 'acquired' and doesnt seem to be any decent UK software around that is 'acquirable' so seems like i gotta empty some pockets.

    So far my options are map monkey and buy destinator sdk, already acquired a copy of destinator 3 unsure if it'll all work together sdk $50

    or find a copy of iguidance Europe found one for $130

    any one know what to get and were to get it cheap as decent priced chips, decent UK gps seems rear, I've looked through and all the good and decent priced things are for USA

    sorry for being a noob but if some one can point me in the right direction would be great

    thanks mark

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    Have you tried

    I'm using version 4 but which is a bit annoying on a small screen but I think their latest offering has a small screen layout and it's not a ad price.


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      I acquired a copy of the necessary destinator 3 dll (the un-expiring SDK version) from a donkey friend and used the maps from my PocketPC Destinator 3 CD.

      Using FreeDrive, it works fine on my motorbike PC.


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        Sorry for the newbie questions...

        Can you please elaborate on how to get destinator working on a Win PC (and not a pocket PC)

        Where can I get Freedrive?


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          You can get Freedrive from here

          With regards to getting destinator working on a pc , there are loads of threads about it. Search is your friend, try keywords such as Map Monkey or Destinator 3.
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              You can use FreeDrive or MM with the Destinator 3 maps and SDK. I prefer FreeDrive as it seems MM's production has kind of died. I like iGuidance better than Dest. 3 though.
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