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MS Streets & Trips 2005 $9.99 (OEM)

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  • MS Streets & Trips 2005 $9.99 (OEM)

    Found this over at Fatwallet (credit to joshcloud9 @, thought it is a good deal for those interested in this software. Note that it is JUST the software (no GPS) and is OEM. I bought the full version with the GPS, short of it is that the GPS sux, the software has some useful features, but is not the best for simple navigation, but good for planning - also had some quirks in the routes it chose (had me going around a non-existent area of road construction).

    It is offered through, but it is really sold by, item 0228.
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    Originally posted by Supermike
    I bought the full version with the GPS, short of it is that the GPS sux
    I'm surprised that you don't like the gps. It's a pharos gps repackaged by ms. I've never had problems with mine. I do find it aquires slow when I'm using the CF adaptor but on my laptop using usb, it works like a charm.

    I do have to say though, I'm disapointed with the bluetooth adaptor. When using my pocketPc, if I turn off the ppc while connected bluetooth to the gps, the pocketPc never trully turns off. I end up with a dead battery. You have to disconnect from bluetooth before power off.


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      The main problems I have with it are having to re-connect when the PC goes to sleep and I was not able to get it working with Destinator (did not try that hard though). It does work, but is not as trouble free as some - I think my next GPS will be a serial version.
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        I've seen other threads where people are having problems with any usb gps after hybernate. The successfull guys are using some command line tools to intercept, disable the peripheral, then hybernate. Sorry, I don't recall the threads but a search for interceptor, hibernate trigger, devCon, may help find the threads.