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    was actually pretty suprised MS is actually thinking about something, although its pretty argueable if they came up with this idea or not (most driveing games do this), but either way it is a pretty good idea. In a nut shell, instead of following a tiny icon on a map, and listen to voice instruction on where to turn, you follow a ghost car projected onto your windshield as if you were tailing someone.

    Who knows if in reality its actually a great idea or really bad accident just waiting to happen. But its about time someone from the US start to begin to think about the posibilities of GPS.
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    I'm thinking its a horrible accident waiting to happen.

    Imagine this: you are following your lead car, and its going alright, up until WHAM! it smacks into the back of a tractor trailer. OMG you think, quickly swerving to avoid the accident. The guy next to you side swipes you, theres a some loud noises, and the next thing you know your in a ditch. A few minutes later, you look out of your car, and the ghost driver is standing over you laughing at your dumb ***.
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