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Issues Testing a New GPS

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  • Issues Testing a New GPS

    I have a Bluetooth GPS I'm trying out. It works fine with the software that was supplied with it (sees the GPS on COM6/4800) but no other software I have can see it. I have tried:

    Deluo Test Program
    NMEA Compass
    My Own App

    Do you think there could be something peculiar about the port configuration it requires? I have sent the supplier an email to ask but no response yet.

    The GPS is an IOGear Bluetooth GPS.

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    Isn't it uncanny how you can try something for over an hour with no success, post a message, try one last time and have it work!

    I now have MM, The OEM GPS Software, Deluo Tester and NMEA Compass all reading the GPS...!


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      Im thinking of getting a Bluetooth GSP to. Bur as you said the computer sees it as an COm port. just like phonecontrol.

      So there is nothing negative about the Bluetooth communication then.

      Im planning to use Mapmonkey. did it work for you?

      INtereested in: GLOBALSAT BLUETOOTH, 20, SIRF Star III/LP (NMEA strängar GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC, GLL, VTG)
      Ampie Case
      M1-ATX 90w
      EPIA ITX 1,3Ghz, Firewire
      80 GIG SATA
      7 TFT Touch Super
      Pioner Slot in DVD-RW writer
      108 Mbit Wireless Lan
      100 M Bluetooth Range
      //Power Nisse

      My Betasite ->


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        I have an IOGear Bluetooth GPS I'm testing. It works well and is very convenient, it is rechargeable which is nice, comes with home and car chargers too. The software is a variant of IGuidance but seems to only work with the supplied GPS, it doesn't like using the GPS through a COM port splitter but then again MapMonkey doesn't seem to either.

        MM seems ok when connected straight to the GPS. One frustration I've had is that it seems every second or third use I have to authenticate with the GPS again (pin code entry).