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Globalsat BU-353 Firmware upgrade to v3.1.1

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  • Globalsat BU-353 Firmware upgrade to v3.1.1

    Golbalsat is offering a firmware upgrade (to 3.1.1) for the BT-338 (

    They claim that BU-353 does NOT require a firmware upgrade becuase "The BU-353 does not exhibit the same issues the BT-338 Bluetooth unit had" (

    Does anyone know if this is true and the firmware problems were specific to Bluetooth units or if they might occur in Serial/USB versions?

    Reading posts on the web, the Holux GR-213 seems to ship with the newer firmware ( -- can anyone confirm this?

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    Interesting....I'd like to know also seeing as how I just bought a BU-353.


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      I think the 3.0.2 issues are real. Did u check your firmware (i think u might need sirfdemo.exe)?

      semsons who sell the i.Trek S3 ( ) which looks like an OEM BU-353 to me say that they will have the 3.1.1 in 2 weeks...

      No sure if i should wait that long or just get a Holux GR-213 which seems to be shipping with the new firmware.


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        check this forum on gpspasson, they have been talking about the firmware issues with a sirf employee recently