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iGuidance icon & button resizing summary thread

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  • iGuidance icon & button resizing summary thread

    First of all, this is a summary of the Iguidance 2.0 font size is killing me thread.
    Then, once you got most of your fonts & colors just the way you want em, you can turn your attention to making the zoom buttons at the bottom bigger.
    Step1: Get Resource Hacker from
    Step 2: Use that program to open up the iGuidance.exe and under Bitmap you will see all the buttons.
    Step 3: Make a larger buttons. About 2x or 3x the size seems to work well.
    Step 4: Import them all into the iGuidance.exe, and re-save it out.
    You can change just about everything through this program. Look around and experiment. Just remember to have a working backup copy of iguidance.exe saved somewhere.
    These mods all work with Routis, as well as all version of iGuidance.

    Assorted nuggets of useful info:

    When you make or resize the images, iGuidance centers the images. So make another image that is twice as tall as the one you are using now... Make it transparent and then place your new button at the top of your new tall image... This way it will visually raise the button on the screen because of the empty space below the button.

    How do you make these changes? Install iGuidance on another PC, and then just copy iguidance.exe to your car computer. Or hook up a CRT to the car computer.

    OSK (Keyboard) was tried but failed to resize due to the program resizing the buttons on the fly. Read more here.

    We can get the zoom buttons, menu buttons, and close buttons.
    The Mute & Menu button seem to be difficult. The transparent thing doesn't work on them. Resizing the picture doesn't change the control area.

    Wonder if anyone can answer this. I am noticing that when you adjust the button size on the 'dialog' section in the hack program it is not changed when you open iGuidance. Instead you have to change the size of the bmp assigned to the button. Is there an easier way? Kind of...
    I looked in the "dialog" section in resourcehacker and decided to JUST change the font for each dialog. This is dialog# 1026 - went from 10 font to 14 - it changed the whole dialog made it bigger and all working. It seems that only a couple of dialogs won't be affected by just making the font size bigger, some have problems with the bitmaps not be big enough when just adding a bigger font.

    The bmp for the grey menu bar button is #154. Look at some modifications of it in this post & also this post.

    Want some GPS arrows? Try [URL= post.[/URL]
    Questions not answered/solved in the previous thread:

    In the resource hacker icons are listed from 1 to whatever
    No.'s 1 and 2 are the big and little versions of the red white and blue interstate symbol. Odd thing is when you replace one of the icons, it automatically deletes the other one and doesn't let you add it back in.
    As for the POI icons I can replace them with anything I want, but they still come up tiny, no matter how big the replacement icon is. What am I doing wrong?
    By the way the interstate and state route icons stay ultra tiny (same size as the POI icons) until I zoom into 200ft and 100ft. Then they get to be the size of the original icon, really big. But the POI icons stay tiny right down to 100ft zoom in.

    The icons of things like the interstate symbols and ATMs and stuff are all double layered. Each file contains two images, a large one and a small one. The program decides which to display. How do you edit both and store them back in the same file?

    Also, can't seem to change position of text within buttons.
    You know you want to...Worklog
    Enjoying v1.0 since it's operational. Aaaawww yeah.
    Specs: Opus120; Epia M10k; 700IDT; GlobalSat BR-355; iGuidance 2.1 & IGMod; XM; Custom case.
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    Whew. Please post only corrections to the info above, or tips, or further developments!
    You know you want to...Worklog
    Enjoying v1.0 since it's operational. Aaaawww yeah.
    Specs: Opus120; Epia M10k; 700IDT; GlobalSat BR-355; iGuidance 2.1 & IGMod; XM; Custom case.
    Witty one-liners currently quoted by (0001) forum member sigs.


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      Great info! One question, is it better to change stuff thru the iguidance.exe file, or thru the theme.ini file?

      Also is it possible to post a turnkey iguidance.exe file, and/or a theme.ini file for us technical illiterates? ie: a file which has already been modified to have the fonts/icons/buttons enlarged for a 7" screen.


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        Edit 6-15-06

        For people who are getting here from the FAQ's, to make iGuidance really shine check out these 2 threads:
        Current projects: iGmod reloaded (Latest release) (put on hiatus indefinatly)

        Unlimited Internet and gps tracking for $6 a month with boost mobile!

        Carputer 2:


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          Kind of related... look what I've been experimenting with:

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