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    Hi all,

    I just wanted to share this with you in case anyone has the very cheap radio shack digitraveler GPS unit that was made a few years ago dicontinued and cleareced at $25.00. A good deal for a functional GPS unit. It had worked fairly well but on a long trip this summer Iguidance ocassionally stopped recognizing the unit. I couldn't figure out why this got very frustrating as we were relying heavily on Iguidance for our trip. It had work fine on a few other trips we had taken earlier in the year but on our trip to the beach it only worked intermittently. I thought it might have been problems with IGuidance or my serial port setup. I spent hours futzing with it. Everything appeared to be OK with the GPS unit the green light was on and would turn on when the computer booted. Finally after starting the car and having Iguidnace not recognize the GPS again I pulled it off the dash and held it in front of the air conditioner vent for about 3 minutes at full blast. Plugged it back in and volia recognized locked on and we were on our way. Turns out the unit was getting to hot on the dash and not sending data to the computer. After it cooled down it worked fine

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    Same thing happens with my pharos unit.


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      wow 25$ is a good deal! is it USB?

      2005 Range Rover 4.4
      Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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        It is rs-232 was packaged for PDA's I made a 9pin cable for it.


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          yeah, good GPS, I bought one just for playing around with a while back. Used it with my computer and some different handhelds, works pretty good.
          S60 Install


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            I just got my hands on one of those nifty Digitravelers for the PDA and was wondering if I could get direction to a turorial for changing the connect as Belgiebob has. I'm not exactly a wiz with the iron but I have made a few converters in the past so if it's to difficult then maybe I could get a link to a premade cable I could purchase. Thanks for any help.
            So much to do, so little money. Having a budget sure makes this mod kinda tough.