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holux 210 gps antenna problem Help please

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  • holux 210 gps antenna problem Help please

    holux 210 gps antenna problem , i plug the antenna into usb port then i installell the drivers with no problems (but still no binking or solid light comes on on the antenna , then i try to ue the software it came with to see if it is working (gps viewer) and nothing still??? does not find it ? what am i doing wrong ??? any input would be appriecated , thanks

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    WHere is the actual antenna mounted? It's gotta be directly under your window or mounted outside of your car so it is in direct SIGHT of the sky above. Any opaque obstruction (especially a car's metal body) will keep your GPS from getting a signal. If that doesn't work (as you mentioned there was NO light activity) then you have a defective GPS or USB port. Try a different USB port, and if all else fails, you need a new gps mouse
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      tried a different port , no change , so? if the drivers are installed, th green light on the holux should tart blinking as soon as i plug it into the usb port right ?


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        Try deinstalling and starting over.

        Install the drivers first before you plug in the GPS unit. Then after you're done with all that and it's plugged in, check the Ports section in the Device Manager and see if the unit is listed with an associated COM port. Check that COM port in GPS Viewer.

        hope that helps,
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          As soon as you plug it in, the green light has to come on. It's just a led. You don't even need to install any driver.

          If it doesn't come on, you probably got a defective unit. Try it on a USB port that you know is working.
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