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VOICE + MS Streets & Trips 2006, MS AutoRoute 2006

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  • VOICE + MS Streets & Trips 2006, MS AutoRoute 2006

    I know that most people on this forum would not use MS Streets & Trips or MS AutoRoute for navigation. The software is not good on a small carputer screen, it is not touch screen friendly, and there are more appropriate alternatives.

    Yet S&T and AR have been excellent trip planners and Microsoft added a lot of important GPS related features to the program last year. This year MS is going to do the same.

    VOICE has been number 1 requested feature since the release of 2005 version, and now it is finally confirmed this needed feature is going to make it into the 2006 version due very soon.

    Read more on page # 4 of the following thread: >> click <<

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    Woohoo!!!! S&T has superior geoprocessing features when compared with iG, which is what I use at the moment. The lack of a touchscreen friendly S&T made me put it at the bottom of a very short list. Still, I rely on it for finding things, like movie theaters, that I wouldn't be able to find in iG.


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      i used to use s and t, but then i found iG, which had voice and ALOT better UI for touchscreens


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        When st2006 comes around, you can bet I will start on making STmod. Because that looks easier to tear appart and integrate into a frontend than iguidance infact :P
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          wish there was a 3d mode for s&t
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            Oh yes! I don't think this version will have it yet, but 3D will definitely be my #1 requested feature (along with "normal" voice, because I'm afraid v.2006 will only have the ugly text-to-speech).


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              6 page review of new features + pictures = click here