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Any Idea how to install Iguidance or Destinator

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  • Any Idea how to install Iguidance or Destinator

    I cant install destinator becuse i dont have Active sync and PPC or Mobile...
    I need it for CarPC, so I need help from you that know how to install or any recommodations please!
    I have Iguidance2.1.2.EU. Thanks

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    Uncheck PocketPC when installing.


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      Originally posted by Curiosity
      Uncheck PocketPC when installing.
      Thanks, but did you mean by Destinator? Because by Iguidance I didnt get any option, my Destinator isnt downloaded yet.


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        yes, uncheck pocketpc when installing iguidance.

        destinator3 is a pocketpc-only product. people who were/are running dest3 on pc needed to purchase a dll from the company who makes destinator. unfortunately that company does not care to cater to teh needs of the carpc (or even laptop) community, as they sold dlls that expired in august. there was talk for quite a whilem that they were going to release a pc-version of their nav software, but it appears to be vaporware.

        destinator's routing sucks *** anyhow, stick with iguidance.
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          THX, good to know!!!


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            I discovered to my annoyance somewhat that Destinator 3 does not support just a PC based system, and that you do indeed need to have a PDA to even install it correctly.

            However there is a way around this. If you buy the SDK from Destinator as well (via their website) and get a piece of software kindly developed by a member here called MapMonkey (search for it on this forum). You can utilise all of them together to give yourself a working CarPC version. I'm working on this exact solution myself and hope to have it running shortly. If you need me to walk you through setup then by all means i will do (pm me).
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