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pulled carpc project out of closet after a year, things have changed!

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  • pulled carpc project out of closet after a year, things have changed!

    I began my carpc project about a year ago, buying misc. parts whenever I had some spair money (slot loader slim dvd drive, usb adapter, dc-dc psu, etc)

    I have 2 questions for you guys:

    1) during this time, I bought the GlobalSat BU-303 USB "mouse". it was very popular at this time, and only $50 to boot. it looks like there is more of a variety being used around here now. are the newer ones any better than the one I have?

    2) also, Destinator3 + map monkey was the hottest GPS program since sliced bread. it looks like there is also a widened variety of GPS programs being used such as Routis or IGuidance. I never liked the GUI of D3, so hopefully these newer programs will be a good improvement I'm going to try IGuidance now.

    How do these guys compare to D3? I've read the guys at destinator make you buy the SDK now, and then you have to purchase some DLL file which already expired in august.. that's pretty crappy. I have my setup working though *cough cough* but like I said before, I hate the GUI of D3.

    Thanks for the info guys!

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    Hey, I've had my CarPC installed for over a year now..

    1. YES!!! I recently swapped my old BU-303 for a new holux GR-213 SiRF III chipset GPS mouse.. WOW huge difference.. i can even get a few satillites in my garage under a plastic panel and behind tinted windows!! It starts up a lot faster than the BU-303 too and it's been more reliable too(so far).. My BU-303 would sometimes stop tracking satillites for a few days then mysteriously work again? Was getting worse and worse over time..

    2. I've never used destinator but I've been very happy with iGuidance v2.0 .. it's fairly cheap vs. the competition and hasn't gotten me lost yet..



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      Hehe I'm using the same setup as you, mattress, and I'm pretty happy with it. It's probably more the novelty of it being my first sat-nav system but I think it's pretty good.
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