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GPS maps for the Isle of Man ?

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  • GPS maps for the Isle of Man ?

    Hi gang
    anyone know of GPS mapping software covering the Isle of Man ? apart from the garmin units ! "got one of them allready"

    im wanting to use my carPC to roam about on the island, using the cars GPS and not the garmin hand held.


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    OMG, I can't believe there is a whole island named after me. I never knew it existed.
    I feel so special.

    sorry, but can't help you with your problem.
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      Destinator 3 has maps
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        Only jokin...

        Included in Ireland maps or even UK??? dunno, never looked.

        They have good ice cream there - and cats with no tails.


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          It's in the UK and Ireland mapping of D3...

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            iGuidance Europe has it. Here is a screenshot in 3D (Douglas, Isle of Man):


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              Brilliant. thanks gang


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                Take it your over there Demonmaker you lucky son of a gun.... If I could I would move but boy its expensive.

                TBH when I was there last year I found that after a week I didnt need a GPS but.... I also found that was because the map was pants. Now may be it was an older version because I have updated it since and the screen shot above looks more detailed but there you go.

                Terran ( about a 6 mile drive and one ferry away from you )
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                  nice one, yea moved over here a couple of years ago now. lovely place. No pizza hut or burger king though..

                  reason why I was looking for a decent PC GPS map is that they do some great geocashing here.and my garmin is just pants to carry about in and out of the house all the time. much better having a carputer with gps. no mess no hastle.

                  Ill probibly fit the garmin to the motorbike at some point as thats what its used for most of the time by most people here.


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                    2006 DC Excursion To The Isle Of Man

                    A bit off topic .... but for info

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                      I remember Jeremy from Top Gear doing a review of the 2003 M3 CSL on the isle of man.

                      is it true you dont have speed limits ?
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                        Originally posted by anik321
                        I remember Jeremy from Top Gear doing a review of the 2003 M3 CSL on the isle of man.

                        is it true you dont have speed limits ?
                        I belive hes bought a house there now...

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