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Bad GPS receiver?

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  • Bad GPS receiver?

    I bought CoPilot Live 7 a couple years ago, and it has always worked fine for me, I got a sat. lock very quick. A few months ago I installed a new CarPC and just recently installed my CoPilot software again. At first it didn't work at all and I couldnt figure out the problem, then, the next day it magically started to work. Now it's back to not working again. I called CoPilot and he said it might be a receiver problem. All it's doing is saying it's searching for satellites, but it just never finds any.

    Has anyone here had a bad receiver before? What did it do?

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    I had problems.
    I could not conect mine gps to soft I use and started playing with sirfdemo and killed it but...
    YOu can not realy kill it by soft!!
    I had to take out batery to cleargps memory. and after that it came back.
    Try sirfdemo and see if shows the satelites in sirf mode.
    the prog that cames with gps dont show anything for me, but that one works
    and winfast navigator works wery well in sirf and nmea mode. try to do facktory reset with winfast.
    hope it helps