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    Hi All

    Having played with Ozi2SMS, I am looking for something similar for nRoute.

    My Carputer runs nRoute and has bluetooth connection with Nokia 6630 cell phone. What I am looking for is to use GPRS to send snapshots of the nRoute NVM.gdb file to another PC either via ftp or email at regular user determined intervals (eg 5 minutes). I can either get the phone to connect to GPRS and download the file from the PC to the phone and do the ftp on the phone or I can get the phone to connect the PC to the internet and let the PC do the send or the email. If GPRS is not available, I want to be able to use MMS or SMS to get the data to the other machine.

    I then want another machine that is connected to the internet to receive the updated NVM.gdb file and then to show the track in Mapsource. It must continually overwrite the existing NVM.gdb file so that it fills in after each send. The ftp could also copy and zeroise the NVM.gdb so that each piece sent is a new piece with new data only. An alternative would be the ftp the NVM.gdb file to a host server and then let any machine download it as and when needed to refresh from the internet. . An alternative would be to ftp it via GPRS to another phone which can display Garmin gdb files (ozi CE?). This will allow for "real" time tracking of a trip.

    Any thoughts, suggestions or ideas of where I can start and what utilities/programs/hardware may be of use?