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    I mounted a Holux 210 USB GPS antenna on the top of my RV for my carputer application less than a year ago and it worked just fine. I haven't used it in a couple months and recently started up centrafuse to show my installation to a friend and the antenna wouldn't come up. I tried it through just plain mapmonkey and a few other things and even brought in a laptop which can't even detect the thing. XP just says a USB device has failed and cannot load. It looks as if it died though the little green light on it is on. My question is are these things meant to be in the elements for long periods of time (it says it is sealed and waterproof) and if not are there any USB gps antennas that have external antenna that can be permanently mounted outside like a wifi antenna?

    Edit: I did some more searching and found that people have been coating thier antennas with rubber to weatherize them but in lieu of water damage, has anyone had any problems with heat/cold damage. I am starting to lean towards the idea that the weatherproofing failed but I want to be sure before I drop more money for another antenna.

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    Hi Snicka,

    My first thought would be that the GPS receiver itself is just fine. In the past I used GM-210 by Holux, too. For over two years it was sitting on the roof exposed to extreme summer and winter temperatures, rain, snow, etc. The receiver has an internal rechargeable battery which will get discharged if not used for several weeks. When first used after a prolonged period of not using the receiver it may take up to a half an hour for your GM-210 to get a satellite fix. Just keep it plugged in to your computer and let the GPS receiver have a good view of the sky for 30 minutes. After that it should by okay again.


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      For a second you had me there but then I realized that it had been plugged into my computer which was running for that whole time. When I get home I just plug my RV into the house power and leave the computer on and use it as a fileserver over the wifi, since that is where 290 GB of my movies and TV shows are located. In all that time the battery shouldn't have died and when I plugged it in the LED was blinking green which is supposed to mean that it has acquired sattellites, but somehow it is sending garbage to the computer. Oh well, I have ordered a BU-353 from ebay and will try again, this time I will coat it in plastic or see if there is a spot inside that gets good signal.


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        Solid green LED = it is receiving power and it is attempting to acquire satellite fix

        Blinking green LED = satellite fix

        Your GM-210 is working, try to reinstall driver. Your GM-210 will be a fine back up GPS receiver after you receive your new BU-353


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          I just picked up the BU-353 to replace the BU-303 which I drowned in the recent heavy rain we got on the east cost. I even sealed my 303 with silicon on the inside and water managed to get in. I mounted the 353 on the inside and I am getting 7,8,9 sats and am very happy. I can even see the red light flashing from my rear view while I am driving so I can keep an eye on it if I want.


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            It may be working but it is not communicating anymore. Sometimes when I plug it in I get the "a USB device has malfunctioned" error and other times it just doesn't do anything. This is on 2 separate computers. I give up. My new one should get here soon and I will try it out.


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              No loss ;-) Once you see the difference SiRFstarIII makes you will never look back... ;-)


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                I downloaded the new drivers for it. I never get any USB error's any more but it now crash's alot.


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                  one last question.. are these devices made to remain on for long periods of time. My RV computer stays on for the duration of our trip and sometimes I leave it on while it is plugged into shore power at home so I can use it as a file store. If the GPS software is not running is the device active? Maybe my old one burned out as I think it was on for about 2 months.