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    Hey All,

    I live in Perth, Western Australia
    Im looking to hook up GPS in my car finally..
    Im ive researched on GPS the last week and have a broad understanding of the technology available but am still unsure of a few things.
    Finding maps is probably my hardest task so far because WA isnt too popular on the world scale :P.. but i found this

    I also notice alot of you use the 353 GPS receiver which im guessing hooks up with USB 1.1

    With the voice notification system on the software.. would that come out of the speakers if its hooked up via usb? also is there any better software available for australia other than wat ive found.
    any ideas gr8ly appreciated..
    is setting up the afforementioned hard? is the 353 compatible with Destinator3?

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    Destinator is alright but theres no PC version available yet, only Pocket PC (theres ways around this but good luck finding what you need)

    Sound will output from your sound card; sound has nothing to do with the GPS reciever
    2004 G35 Coupe project


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      johnny appleseed is where i got my usb receiver in brisbane. mate mail ordered with no probs.

      try in the gps section for aussie solutions to your map issues.


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        thanks guys.. glad i found these forums. i hope to stick around and maybe help some others


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          i recently recieved an email regarding the fact that somebody wanted to help me with setting up the GPS/software.. i tried replying to that email but it failed.. perhaps the person that emailed me saw this post so im hoping they can try email me again.. or add me to msn..[email protected]