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  • GPS Not Recognized By PC


    I bought a Polstar PGM-111 Gps Mouse about 3 months ago. It was working fine with my computer using iGuidance. I went away for 2 months and when I came back I switched out motherboards and now I can't get windows to recognize it. When I initially bought it I tried it out on my laptop and it worked fine. Now even my laptop can't find it.

    Here is the procedure for installing the GPS. First, install the drivers using the installation program WITHOUT the GPS plugged in. Second, plug in the GPS and windows should give you the FOUND NEW HARWARE pop-up. The rest installs automatically.

    Well, I'm no longer getting that pop-up. The drivers install without a problem but windows doesn't do anything once I plug it in. I have tried this on 3 different computers so I'm assuming the GPS is dead. I've checked Device Manager and it's not there.

    One more thing, there is a red LED that flashes when it's working, at least it always did when the GPS DID work. That LED still flashes, but, sometimes will turn solid after about 30 secs. Other times it will continue to flash.

    So, am I screwed?

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    It sounds like it is getting power from the USB cable (hence the light), but the chip on the board that handles announcing itself to the computer is fried. If 3 seperate computers are not being notified when it is being plugged in, the USB controller in the GPS device seems shot to me.


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      That's what I was afraid of. I just needed to hear it from someone else. Oh well, $100 down the drain. Thanks for the reply.