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sirf or nmea in MP?

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  • sirf or nmea in MP?

    Hello to all

    I've have bought yesterday the new Navilock GPS with sirf3 chipset NL302
    (i think is like the BU353 i've heard in the forum),
    the question is:
    In mapmonkey configuration, i must leave to nmea or change to sirf?
    I ask this because before i had a navilock nmea chipset, then i attached the new sirf3 and worked without changing nothing, soon 6 sat.
    Then i change in MP to sirf and nothing come up again, nothing, but the gps is installed, in com 3 no conflict or other.

    The car is a subaru WRX2001
    The gps sirf is installed in the back window
    The system is:
    512 DDRam
    HDD 60 gb
    windows XP sp2 (clean of unused programs)

    Sorry for my poor english and for the long post.


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    nobody use sirf3 chipset with mapmonkey???


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      I think you got the chipset and protocol confused...

      there's the sirf3 chipset... but it can be used in either sirf or nmea protocol... and it's the protocls that mapmonkey and other softwares look at... not the chipset


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        What baud rate have you choosen? try selecting 38000, also try scanning for GPS in MM (GPS Status -> GPS Configuration -> Scan fo GPS)


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          Thank You for replaying

          Baud rate 4800 in mapmonkey, 9600 in Com port configuration.
          What i mean is:
          In mapmonkey configuration, i must select sirf or leave nmea?
          With sirf select no sat with nmea 4-6 sat.

          GPS model: NavilockNL-302U



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            stick with nmea... nothing we can do here since program only likes to read nmea protocols.


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              What i don't understand is, for what is the sirf selection in mapmonkey
              if i must choose the nmea?
              I don't see difference form my old nmea 12 ch to this new sirf3 20 ch.
              Same n. sat same speed.
              The difference is only in the price.