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  • BMW GPS with car-pc

    I´m currently using a Garmin portable gps with built in reciever and placed ontop of my dashboard inside my bmw 320 (e46). The gps works very well outside of town. As soon as You drive through a city with tall buildings the reception is likely to be lost several times.
    Garmin told me that the best is to buy their second external antenna because the gps needs to pick up satellites both in front and behind the car to be correct.
    What if I get a usb gps and connect it to a pc in the car. Will I have to use 2 different recievers or just one? (in that case, is the roof the only best place?
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    Originally posted by bimmerpc
    ..What if I get a usb gps and connect it to a pc in the car. Will I have to use 2 different recievers or just one?..
    The city will lower the chances of getting a clear signal (I believe).. I can't be much help to you at all with your topic, but your last question made me wonder... From all the posts I've read about usb gps antenna mice, it sounded to me that people only used one antenna. That would be awesome if you could hook up two usb antenna's into the latop to get a greater constant signal! Anyone have any luck with two at a time? or is one the only number.
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      Going through a city will always be a problem for satellite reliant devices. Your only option is to get a GPS device that is highly sensitive that allows for an external antenna. There was a user with a Infiniti G35 that actually used a replica shark fin commonly found on newer BMW's and placed a GPS receiver within it. If you go that route, you'll want to get a receiver based on the new sirfstar III chipset. Do a search for BU-353 and BR-355 (both made by US Global Sat). There is also a few Holux units that are based on the same chipset that work very well. The bluetooth unit by Holux also allows for an external antenna so you could probably get the OEM antenna from BMW and connect it to the GPS receiver with some type of an adapter.