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Globalsat BU-353 usb -> hp pavilion laptop -> car -> airplane mini-review

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  • Globalsat BU-353 usb -> hp pavilion laptop -> car -> airplane mini-review

    Hey everyone..
    Thanks for all the help and steering me in the direction of the usb BU-353! I am just AMAZED in how great it works! A friend of mine let me borrow a copy of iGuidance 2.1.1 and I thought it was pretty good at first, but then I saw some screen shots of Microshaft Streets and Trips! I decided to just buy it because it was pretty cheap compared to iGuidance. I found that for my area (Ontario, Canada) Streets and Trips has FAR more detail and is geared more for laptops I guess.. It seemed that iGuidance was more for in dash screen setups..

    Anyway, I've had this mouse for about 3 days now, and I can finally give a full opinion on it because I've used it for like 15 hours straight! lol I tried using it in this insane fog and rain storm in my dad's civic hatchback's front dash. It picked up a constant 6 of 8 sat's all the way home. I was amazed! I heard people can't use it under tree branches or in crappy weather.. But mine seemed to know exactly where I was and guided me vocally to the best route to get back home. I've since used it on about 6 more car "trips" (testin' the gps! ) and it has always had a lock on to where I am the moment I load streets and trips. It didn't seem to require me to wait for it to start up, it just works when I tell it to, which is amazing, that's <i>never</i> how computers work! lol

    Lastly, I went flying today at my local airport and flew for a good hour.. it tracked me the entire way, which was GOOD considering how there was a bad snow storm rolling in and I couldn't see 0.5 of a mile in front of me at 2000 ft above ground level!!! :| It was super scary because I'm a VFR pilot.. anyway to make a long story short, I didn't get lost returning to the airport.. but if I had been I could have just used the gps! Amazing software. It was pretty cool, I found out that the cherokee warrior I was in was doing 150-160 km/hr in cruise and could get up to 220 km/hr at full throttle! Pretty neat, I'll post some more pictures in this thread from the next time I go flying (probably next week ) and show what it looks like using S&T in a small airplane!


    (hope this mini review can help someone out who had similar questions as I did)

    - Globalsat BU-353 usb gps antenna
    - hp pavilion laptop
    - microsoft streets and trips
    (Picture) - me doing a wheelie on my ty 175

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    How accurate is this unit?

    Wondering about using it with my laptop as in-car navigation. Will I be able to tell within like 50 feet of when the turn will be?

    Have you tried this unit with Google Earth? Since those are satellite shots, something that works with it would be nice.


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      This blew me away how accurate it was!! It showed my whole flight as it would look over a map (streets and trips is what I use). It will not only tell you to turn, but it will warn you like .5 km before the turn that it's comming up I couldn't believe how accurate it was in the car ,but when I tried it in the plane.. wow, this unit is definatly worth the $110 CAD I paid for it to arrive at my house!
      10 out of 10 for my purposes! Go pick one up
      (Picture) - me doing a wheelie on my ty 175


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        JackMan, it looks like you are a happy camper Enjoy your new toy, but don't try to land with it Don't trust the altitude reading Consumer GPS devices are not accurate for altitude measurement.


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          Right on, I am quite the happy camper with this toy! haha.. Thanks for the Altitude heads up, I have just used it to log my flights to close airports and in the designated practice area of my local airport Thanks again for the height heads up!! hahaha take care! p.s. - i love your reviews etc.. </fan>
          (Picture) - me doing a wheelie on my ty 175