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GPS not available after startup

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  • GPS not available after startup

    When I start my pc the GPS is not recognized in the system, or beter said the com port does not exists. I use an Profilic Serial2USB converter on my GPS.
    When I disconnect the USB from the PC and reconnects again, everything will be ok. Somebody an idea?

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    This is the same issue Ive had, It has to do with coming out of suspend/ hibernation. THe mouse will jump around as well. I solved my issue by updating the drivers on my dell c640. Works like a charm now. Im using the PG 200 $35 best puc ive purchased.


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      Might also want to try a program called XPort 3, its made by a forum member and its free. It allows you to take one com port and 'split' it into many others, but more importantly for you, what it will do is allow the GPS to come back up after hibernation.