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Garmin 15L to M10000 COM2

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  • Garmin 15L to M10000 COM2

    I need a little reality check here.....

    I am trying to hook up the Garmin 15L GPS engine to my Via M10000's internal (motherboard header) COM2 port. I have read through the posts here about the hook up of these and used the pin to pin connections shown in the posts (which basically match with Garmin's manual)....

    But when I boot up the computer with the 15L attached the mouse goes crazy.... jumping all around and giving clicks.... I tried the renaming of the sermouse.sys file as suggested in a post here.... and there is no "extra" mouse in the Device manager. So I don't think the computer is thinking it is a mouse, despite the obvious visual contridiction to that on my screen.

    What has me concerned is the actual Pin outs on the Via M10000 board, look different than what was shown in the post on the forum.. I think that wiring was maybe for a Epia 8000 (or what ever it is called)....

    Via M10000 COM2 pins are

    1 RIN12____2 RIN32
    3 DOUT22__4 DOUT32
    5 GND_____6 RIN22
    7 DOUT12__8 RIN42
    9 -XR12

    I currently have the Garmin 15L pins attached as follows:

    15L Pin 2 (GND) to COM2 Pin 5 (this also connects to GND on I2C header)
    15L Pin 4 (Port 1 Data Out) to COM2 Pin 2 (RIN32)
    15L Pin 5 (Port 1 Data In) to COM2 Pin 3 (DOUT22)
    15L Pin 3 (Power) to 3.3VDC Positive off of I2C pin header

    What I am concerned about is the combination of RIN32 and DOUT22. Do the 32 and 22 mean anything important? Am I mixing a "port" or channel within the COM port? Should it be RIN32 and DOUT32 instead?

    Any thoughts would be most appreciated, and sorry for the long post

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    Nobody? Darn.....


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        Happens with nearly all serial GPS recievers

        I always just managed to right click My Computer, go to properties, device manager, and disabled the mouse
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          interestingly enough, I set my 15L up to be at 19200 on the baudrate and no matter what, even on a fresh windows install it would not find it as a mouse.
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