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Purdoom's big book of iGuidance apps! (Faq)

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  • Purdoom's big book of iGuidance apps! (Faq)

    Everything iGuidance!
    Last updated 6-15-06

    Welcome to my MP3Car iGuidance FAQ!

    iGuidance is one of the most prefered GPS navigation software products by members of the mp3car community. It is provided by iNav, and works much like every other gps navigation software. For a general overview of GPS and GPS software, including what you need to get a carputer GPS navigation solution working, read:

    iGuidance excels in many categories. However, it falls short in a few categories, so the community has taken it upon itself to fix these imperfections. Some of these imperfections are:

    - Driving directions voice too quiet while music is playing
    - Small buttons on the interface (should be fixed by version 3)
    - Interface doesn't look as natural as some frontends
    - Small text for next turn indicators
    - Small or unimpressive symbols used on the maps

    So, the community has created a whole slew of software and modifications to fix these issues. Thats what this thread is for: to make a nice central location of iGuidance fixes and improvements.

    iGuidance Button modification (Centrafuse style)


    iGuidance Customization Ideas for PDA’s and Laptops (via gpspassion forums)

    iGuidance Button Resizing summary thread

    iGuidance Font Size Fix summary thread


    iGuidance lowering the volume of music while reading directions thread

    Large turn by turn icons mod

    This thread compares all the different ways you can use iGuidance in your carputer setup, with convienent pictures and demonstation videos. It exsists because there is no central iGuidance forum yet, and I wanted to bring all the major iGuidance apps to all the "newbies" attention so you don't waste time (or money) on a different inferior GPS navigation app.

    Key players in getting you all your awesome iGuidance modifications:
    Marvin Hlavac - Mr. iGuidance, frequents the gpspassion forms.
    0l33l - the first guy to start making various embedding applications for iGuidance
    RPM_VR4 - Author of the newest versions of skinbedder
    JustInTime - iGuidance standalone skin maker and enthusiastic tester for various iGuidance apps/mods
    b8bboi - iGMon author, made some incredible advancements with iGuidance
    Me -


    Demo Video (needs xvid to play):

    This is the plain old iguidance, what you get from buying from iNav.

    Where to get (it costs money):

    Fonts are really tiny. Both on the map and in the menus. Doesn't have the fancy feel most frontends do.

    Why should I get it then?
    Out of all the GPS software avaliable, the general consensus is that iGuidance has the best routing for driving in north america of all other gps software (excluding maybe streets and trips). It automatically recalculates your route when you are off course, has excelent voice directions, and integrates well into your front end. And its highly customizable.

    Once again, I STRONGLY suggest visiting the following link for more customization ideas: (The thread has over 27 thousand page views!!!)
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    iGuidance with SkinBedder 2x

    Featured in various frontends:

    This next screenshot also includes a modified car icon which can be done here:

    What it does:
    RPM_VR4 and 0l33l have put together an application to start iguidance, remove its borders, and put programmed buttons in various skins for iguidance. That is, when you press zoom out on the skin skinbedder sends off the keyboard command to simulate a left key to iguidance. Using this technology iGuidance becomes much more touchscreen friendly and visually attractive.

    Skinbedder is designed to embed and skin any app, not just iGuidance.

    Where to get it:

    iGuidance with zots skin buttons (Road Runner)

    Next screenshot is Road Runner skin CFX with iGuidance embedded in iGmod (demonstrating other frontend skin uses of the zots buttons)

    Where to get it:

    What it does:
    Sends keys like most other iguidance embedding apps do, but integrates the commands directly into the frontend so you can see more of the map at once. Used in various roadrunner skins.

    iGuidance with iGMon
    Thanks to b8bboi for this!

    What it does: Improves the integration between road runner and iGuidance by adding never seen before functionality, such as pausing music when reading directions, bringing the map to the front on an approaching turn, and rendering with a large font the next turn. This is the next big thing, guys!

    Where to get it:
    Current projects: iGmod reloaded (Latest release) (put on hiatus indefinatly)

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      JustInTime's Amber standalone skin moddification

      Video in action (needs xvid to play)

      What it does:
      Using this thread: JIT has replaced basically the images and layout of every iguidance menu by editing the iguidance resource files. Unfortunatly, he can not distribute the actuall modified iGuidance executable (copywright laws) so instead he has created a patcher to apply the modification to an already exsisting copy of iguidance you have. This way, only the public domain changes to the executable are distributed, not the Intelectual Property of iNav.

      Where to get it:

      Skinbedder v3

      Skinbedder v3 is on temporary hiatus because of lack of interest in community involvement in finishing the default iGuidance skin. Contact RPM_VR4 and buy him presents to get the program done

      V3 is an improved version of SkinBedder 2.99999 which supports translucent buttons and embedding of individual program elements. It even has OSK support for applications.

      Where to get it:

      iGmod Beta 1 and 2

      Glitchy attempt at skinning iguidance. Looks pretty, works poorly.

      Where to get it:

      iGmod Reloaded

      Basically does what skinbedder does (puts images ontop of igudance that simulate some command) but designed specifically for iGuidance. This allows for some special liberties that skinbedder doesn't have, such as built in zooming of the speed box.

      Not finished yet.
      Where to get it:

      Ill add more software here as it is made!
      Current projects: iGmod reloaded (Latest release) (put on hiatus indefinatly)

      Unlimited Internet and gps tracking for $6 a month with boost mobile!

      Carputer 2:


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        Nice work PurDoom. Lots of good info!
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          Excellent post!

          Thank you!

          BTW, if any of you guys havent checked out iGmod yet, then do it!

          purdoom, can't wait for v3 to come out


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            nice, I'm still running skinnbedder 1x. I havent brought the car pc in since then.
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              You forgot about iGLaunch and iGZoom

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                Originally posted by 0l33l
                You forgot about iGLaunch and iGZoom

                and Close Igzoom!!!
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                  Nice post to put in the new forum (when it arrives). For now, should be stickied I think.
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                    What about Mobile Impact's version??
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                      Excellent summary PURDooM ! And as you've said at the very beginning, it may help people undecided on which GPS navigation software to buy, so they don't "waste time (or money) on a different inferior GPS navigation app".


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                        Added to the FAQ to the FAQ's. Thanks PURDooM!
                        Originally posted by ghettocruzer
                        I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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                          Added a link here as well.


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                            Added a few relavent links at the top.

                            And I suppose, this causes a bump as well... in hopes somebody sees it and it will be stickied!
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                              Bookmarked - awesome!
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