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gps with external antenna jack?

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  • gps with external antenna jack?

    been looking...cant find. is there a USB gps receiver that has the provisions for an external antenna... or is this a mod only type thing?

    really interested in one of the all in one antennas. id like to be able to tuck away all the external devices.

    i just bought the Engenius Senao so i have the wifi taken care of. just need to get the GPS unit off the dash now.

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    sorry double clicked the post... duplicate thread dont see how i can delete.

    please delete


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      GPSlim 236 has an external antenna plug. The receiver works as a USB receiver with an optional ($19) USB cable. Otherwise it works as a Bluetooth GPS receiver. The optional external antenna is also about $19 if memory serves.

      But if all you need is as you say "get the GPS unit off the dash", most GPS receivers (mouse-type) do have magnetic base, so perhaps that is all you need.


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        i thought about the magnetic base... but i figured if i am going to put one of those all in one antennas... i may as well find a gps too. thanks for your info on the gps unit...