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  • PDA smartphone?

    Hi I am using MS street 06 and will like to install pocket street onto my phone/PDA. I wonder what is the different between pocket street for PDA and for smartphone. I have a Siemens SX56 from T-mobile version 2003. It that a consider as a PDA/Phone or a Smartphone? Thanks

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    PDA/cell phone hybrid


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      so I should choose pocket streets for PDA instead of Smartphone? thanks.


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        Originally posted by tryme
        so I should choose pocket streets for PDA instead of Smartphone? thanks.
        Both are awful as they do not have turn by turn directions...we got one here at work...about the only thing it is good for is locating where you are and "SHOWING" (not directing) where you want to go.


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          On the same topic, I am trying to find a smartphone that I can run ST on. Any good advice? Any network is good, sprint/nexttel is best, bluetooth prefered.
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            Im running Tomtom5 on my sony ericsson P910i.


            Find a phone that can run Tomtom 5 mobile, you be much happier. Out of so many GPS software I tried nothing beats the Tomtom not even the PC based can touch it. Maybe NAVIGON Mobile Navigator 5 can get close to it but thats only for PDAs.

            The Tomtom for phones run as good as the PDAs with same features, maybe just a bit slower but thats because the HW on the phones are slower.