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Call for GPS users to complete a short online questionnaire

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  • Call for GPS users to complete a short online questionnaire

    Drivers needed to participate in online questionnaire

    I am a researcher in the Mixed Reality Laboratory at the University of Nottingham.

    Drivers with over 6 months experience are needed to complete a short online questionnaire assessing driver characteristics and behaviour. I am particularly interested in recruiting users of in-vehicle navigation systems.

    The questionnaire is completely anonymous and should only take 5 to 10 minutes to complete. The results will be applicable to the development of safer in-vehicle technologies.

    If you would like to take part in this research, please follow the link below to my homepage at the University of Nottingham. Here you will find a brief description of this research, and a link to the online questionnaire. Questions have been designed to help fill in some of the gaps in the current driving-research literature on in-vehicle navigation systems.

    Yours Faithfully

    Nick Forbes
    University of Nottingham

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    wow, you're geeky looking.... lol but I took the survey for ya

    for question 11 you might want to make an option for PC based and software used. Instead of Make/Model that implies an aftermarket ready made product.

    also, the yes/no/not sure you might get a more accurate "reading" if you do a 5 point system of yes/somewhat/neither yes or no/not really/no
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      I completed the survey as well. Good luck with your studies
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        Interesting questions...
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          Completed survey as well. Good Luck.


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            Also complted the survey. Since I live in MA and we all drive like A-holes, they didnt seem odd to me at all


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              I took it too, good luck with your research. Post the results when it's over, they would be interesting.


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                filled erout loved the car hooitng at you line.
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                    done and done ... good luck with the research
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                      did it; doesnt seem to be much about car pc's though.
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                        i went to nottingham university. 2002-2004.

                        last time i was there a guy had jumped off the electronic engineering tower. squish

                        make and model of sat nav system, well your goin to get a varied answer to that qustion here. i wasn't sure what to put myself.
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