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    Hello all heard about this site so thought ide give it a try and post my problems on here hoping you guys can help me,
    I have a mini ITX in my boot and a USB reciver on my dash i also have a n dash touch screen monitor im having some problems setting it all up,
    I have the destinations software on CD but i can only seem to get two maps on a small map of london and a small one of florence?
    I was also wondering if the sat nav software like TomTom would work on a itx computer setup like mine or would i have to download a windows mobile emulator for it to work
    I would really appriciate any info on the matter
    Thanks in Advance

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    I think you might be confused about a few things (terminalogy). As far as your Destinator goes: you need to load up the maps for you area. The londen one is default and comes with the installation. Load on the map of your area and then switch the map inside of Destinator.
    There are a few threads in the forum on using Tom Tom on a PC. Do a quick search and you'll find your answer.
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