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  • Ambicom GPS Software

    Anyone have any experience with it?

    My brother bought the whole package, software, and bluetooth receiever for his laptop, and it works pretty good. The problem is..I just received my bu-353 gps mouse from mp3car (ordered it sunday, got it today..quick delievery) and ambicoms software keeps saying i'm not using an ambicom receiver.....BUT aside from the text box that pops up, it works fine. (well, you can't do anything because of the text box, but it updates the map fine)

    My question can i get around this, if possible?

    I would really hate to have to spend money on gps software, especially since theres no free solutions out there. This sucks.
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    Good Luck

    On a 14 inch screen you would do ok with MS Streets & Trips (hugging my fire extinguisher lest I burst into flames for reccomending that pos) for $15-25 at your local costco/sam's club. I actually like delorme better even though it is $50, but I seem to be in the minority, and if you don't have a touch pad or track ball it won't work worth a crap. So probably your best bet is to get S&T for $15 and not worry about it.