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  • Thin GPS mouse

    I have WRX wagon, head unit is in the pod cluster in center of dash on top.

    So is the bu-353 most likely the thinest GPS mouse around? I want to put a GPS mount right on top of my headunit. There is a bit of room above the headunit and I could maybe slide it under the plastic. If not I could get a hole saw and make a bit of a hole that would allow the center to peek thru the top of the plastic sleeve. I am worried though that the laser inside the Headunit might mess up the signal. I have heard from youguys that the LCD screens mess it up, and the defroster does as well so it makes me wonder. Still it seems that would be an optimal location for an install. I will most likely simply be using my laptop for now to run things b/c I am still not happy with the choices and prices of components available now. I had planned on the nano-itx form factor, but VIA apparently has different ideas about availability.

    Also, what is the deal with NMEA compliace? I have acopy of MS streets and trips or whatever, but it says it turns the USB ports into virtuatl com ports, does this mean other USB devices will quit working?

    I also thought about trying to install the GPS mouse in the spoiler, but it seemed a very large pain, and I did not know how I would go about it since there is no brakelight in it or anything I would have to cut a big chunk out.
    Thank-you very much for you help in this matter.
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    laser inside wont mess it up.

    it is actaully a good idea as the GPS will sit on the metal chassis of the HU which will act as a grounding plane and improve reception.

    but check you get signal on your dash 1st as you may have a metal tinted windscreen.

    I would try taking the top cover off your GPS and seeing if it will fit.

    as for NMEA - that is the data stream most GPs use to communicate - dont worry about it

    and as for the virtual com port - dont worry about that either. It just turns the USB you are suing into a virtual com port so the software looks at it for the nmea stream - makes life easier. If you move usb ports you may have to change the com port setting in the software though as it may assign a new virtual com port number to the different port.


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      AyAy Sir Ti-GPS

      Check out the GPS mouse mentioned in this thread...

      Seems thin enough for your needs.



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        Those ayay sir GPS things sound amazing to be honest. Thanks for the link.
        Scouse Monkey thankyou for alleviating my concerns as well.

        I think I will try one of the AyAysir modules, but the BU-353 is waterproof and theoretically that is an advantage. If I buy the AyAy Sir one and my window messes it up I will be hosed unfortunately...
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