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iGuidance maps and Hawaii

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  • iGuidance maps and Hawaii

    I'm taking a CA/HI vacation next week and went to install the HI maps, but the iGuidance installer told me that HI is basically mutually exclusive. I can install HI, or I can install anything and everything else, but not both.

    I realize I could take my CD with me and just install what I need based on where I am (or copy it to the HD), but isn't there some way of installing both HI and the mainland at the same time? I don't understand why the restriction.


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    Well, for one, you can't drive to Hawaii, so there really wouldn't be any need to have Hawaii maps in addition to the continental US. I don't know if thats the reason for the limitation, but it's the most logical explanation I can come up with.
    The same situation exists for Alaska, which I don't understand, either. In fact, that makes even less sense because you can drive to Alaska through the Canadian provinces.

    What you can do is rename the maps folder and generate the maps for Hawaii. When you get back, simply delete the Hawaii maps and put your continental US maps back in place. That's a lot faster than re-installing the maps, to be certain.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Thanks for the renaming hint. I considered the fact you cant drive from HI to the mainland, but you can't drive between any of the islands either and that apparently doesn't present a problem (I guess I'll find out) .