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OEM TL GPS software?

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  • OEM TL GPS software?

    I've done searches and not quite getting what I was looking for. This is a skin/gps which not sure if anyone has done it. But here we go. Is it possible for us to use the software which is embeded on OEM GPS system on our carputer? I know that the TL that have Navi built in uses a DVD disk which it will load when the car starts. It provide a front end for just regular use of music and navigation option. If OEM GPS software can be use, can we edit the skin to have more functions? Thanks

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    I sincerely doubt it.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      , but I will go one step further, NOPE. Well, not at this time, no one has done it, and I assure you, you were not the first to think about it.

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        dang it, thanks ahahh