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CF or USB?

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  • CF or USB?

    Hi to everybody. I would like some suggestions here. I have a Pretec CF Gps receiver w/exterior antenna and I would like to use it with a MII1200 or MII1000 motherboard. My question would be that it's worth buying this motherboard for this receiver or better I should buy a regular Epia M1000 and an usb gps receiver?

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    I'm not sure how good that gps reciever is...but the SiRFIII chipset works great. So instead of spending more money on a board and get stuck with an okay gps reciever. You might consider selling your old gps reciever and getting a better one with the cheaper board.
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      get a usb. Chances are you wont have that same computer forever. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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