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    Been there done that

    Im just kidding guys. But no, really, i did search and i have been searching and im getting extremely frustrated. I want to know what is the best GPS setup and hell, this can even be a sticky. Now i know that each system has its own pros and cons and requires preference to be the best, but i want this thread to be just that. I figure this could be a thread for everyone, especially newbies, to help them choose the best GPS setup for them. Now, with that being said what do you feel is the best setup and why? What kind of items require preference and where in the world are you? Im sure your location in the world also determines the best setup. Just post your setup and comment on what works and what doesnt. In fact, where you got it from would even help too!

    For instance, the common consensus seems to be that the BR-355 is getting good reviews and unfortunately the only place i found that you can buy them is I figure this will help me choose a setup and it will help newbies to quit posting similar questions. Please no flames, and yes i know if i look hard and long enough all the information will be out there. I just figure this will be an easy up to date reference guide for a GPS system. Anyways.. hope this works?

    Thanks guys, i know how much you hate similar threads and spoon feeding

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    you said it...everyone has there own opinions and each one has pros and cons...are you talking about software, hardware or both, you need to try all the software till you find the right one for you. all the information is available, i found it and tried a few bits of software. also its in a sticky somehwere.


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      First you need to decide what kind of gps receiver you want.... ie: serial, USB, bluetooth, PCMCIA card, etc.... Once you decide on that then look for those type of receivers.

      If you in the market for one now I would say look for one with the SiRF III chipset, it's one of the newest receiver chips out and has very good performance. Other than that pretty much any unit work well.

      One more thing you may want to look at is if you'll be leaving it in the car (like on the rear deck) or if you want to use an external antenna on the outside for which you'll need to find one with an antenna connector.

      I wouldn't worry so much about the brand or which unit as to first figure out what features you need. Then write back saying with those details or find a few models with those same features and just compare those.
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        along those lines.. in my experience with 2 different USB gps recievers, the most important thing you can do it, either get an external antenna or place the unit outside the vehicle, your lock times will go way down (good thing), and reception will be much better. I used an $3 oil filter wrench and some silicone sealer to make my waterproof enclosure.

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          There are a few GPS navigation software products to consider. Each software has many fans. It's up to the individual to decide which product may be more suited for the intended purpose. The following thread (sticky) talks about pros & cons of various software (and hardware):


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            You didn't search very hard, did you?
            First, you need to spend some time in the FAQ EMporium. Lots of good info there.


            Sorry. Didn't realize one of the threads was the same as what Marvin posted. That's OK. Make sure the OP realizes how valuable that thread really is.
            Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
            How about the Wiki?

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              Originally posted by DarquePervert
              Sorry. Didn't realize one of the threads was the same as what Marvin posted. That's OK. Make sure the OP realizes how valuable that thread really is.
              It was worth repeating !


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                I dont think you guys understood me. I guess i shouldve been more descriptive, but the first post was already getting long.

                I did read the FAQ about the GPS and various other threads on the software and gps mouse. I figured this thread could be a supplement to it, more of a collection of EVERYONE's opinions and setups. For instance, if i may, i hope you guys can answer my question with this setup:

                GPS Receiver: (include whether it is serial or USB)
                Software You Prefer:
                Software you have used:
                Where you put your GPS receiver:
                Overall impressions of the software you prefer including why you prefer it and your list of pros and cons:
                Where you bought it:
                Front end you use with it:
                Any other comments:

                Something along those lines. I read the FAQ and no offense, i thought it was a bit brief with the various pros and cons. I just think the post was a little bit too objective (i know some of you will argue the purpose of that one). So can we try again? Thanks guys!


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                  This may not be the best set up, but I've said it before, and I'll say it again. It works flawlessly for me. No complaints.

                  Country: Canada
                  GPS Receiver: USB Globalsat BU-353 gps mouse
                  Software You Prefer: MS Streets and Trips 2006 (Because it is on my laptop, not an integrated screen with small resolution. I tried using iGuidance, and I found it not as great as far as detail in the map goes for my area, Ontario).
                  Software you have used: Streets and Trips 2005, then I tried iGuidance 2.1.1 (I think that's the version), then I switched back and got Streets and Trips 2006 and haven't looked back.
                  Where you put your GPS receiver:
                  car: Front dash behind the windshield. (Gets a lock right away, and never lost a signal yet)
                  plane: rear side window (passenger side, and it got great signal)
                  Overall impressions of the software you prefer including why you prefer it and your list of pros and cons:
                  Pro's: It does everything I thought it would and then more (voice driving is a plus, though I only use it for fun. Also, the maps resemble the ones I plan on for flying, and so it's very easy to relate to it). I prefer S&T because it's aime more for a computer or laptop.. iGuidance you can tell is best suited for smaller resolution screens, and preferably ones with touch screens.. seeing how there is an on screen keyboard)
                  Where you bought it: eBay Canada
                  Front end you use with it: I don't know what ya mean here... But I'm using a hp pavilion with 15.5 inch lcd screen, and it works great. Streets and Trips has a night vision mode (green lit streets on a black background) which is a plus for when it's dark
                  Any other comments: Well, I highly reccomend the BU-353 as a reciever for anything. It's usb, and fail safe, no BT crap to worry about.. just wire it in, and let it be. As far as gps map programming goes, if you want to use a big screen with higher resolution us Streets and Trips. If you plan on integrating a screen into your dash, use iGuidance because it's made for smaller resolution. Both of those programs worked great with my gps mouse. Hope that long rant helps you decide! The only con I really have with the BU-353 (not to discourage you by anymeans!) but the first one I had died (it might just be a dead battery that I need to recharge for all I know, I just orederd another one right away!). I then replaced it and it's worked in snow blizzards, rain storms, and good weather, all inside my car on the dash. Get a usb gps with sirf III

                  Edit: Here are a couple pics to show you another cool feature "gps trail" which allows you to save your routes for looking at them (or printing them) later.. I was just driving around to make one:

                  farther zoom:

                  Closer zoom:

                  Does that help at all?
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                    JackMan, you seem to be now at the end of St Regis Crescent N. I'm now two streets north of you, at the end of Le Page Court ;-)


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                      Now *THAT* is some useful information JackMan! Thanks, you've just helped another newb!
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                        Well isn't that neat Marvin! I'm sure it's quite unusual when you see someone post a picture, and you can see your street on it! lol Glad you found that info useful Daley
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                          Not really "my" street. I was just driving there when reading your posting


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                            When reading the posting, then that's really funny! :P I was picking up parts there at "Early Birds" for my chevelle.. I bought a rear sway bar. That's location 2! They have good prices
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                              JackMan, thank you so much! That is exactly what i was talking about. Now, im just hoping i could get a lot others to do the same thing so it can help a lot more people. But really, Thanks a lot i really appreciate it and im sure others do too!