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  • problem with signal


    I'm having a problem. Right now I'm using the Holux GM210u gps reciever with IG and roadrunner and xport.

    Everything works but the problem i'm having is. It takes a very long time to catch satellites. It shows connection cause I see all that data running, but locking into satellites takes a long time or doesn't happen at all. Doesn't anybody know whats the problem?


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    I get that with my GM210 as well. I find it helps a lot to power on in a place where you're sure to have a good signal. If I started in a parking garage, wouldnt lock for a half hour. If I start out facing clear sky, seems to pick up a few sats pretty quick.

    I hear there's also a driver update for the GM210. Might want to search for it.
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      I updated the driver, but i believe it was the same one. Still having this problem. Thought it might be xport so I stopped it and switched it back. Still the same problem. IT will show all the satelities but it doesn't lock into it.

      Does anybody else have another idea what it might be?


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        figured out the problem. It was the usb extention. Removed it and it works again, which is werid because it was working before.


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          99cl I am having the same problem. I drove for 25-30 minutes today and as I was pulling into my office parking lot it grabbed a sat as I was parking.

          Its weird, it grabs SAT when it wants.

          I have a Royaltek Sapphire GPS Mouse Receiver(not sure what the model # is, the newest one) and it has the usb extention on it, I might try it without the extention.


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            I am having the same issue with my i guaidance and rikaline 6010 gps mouse
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