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Tomtom maps vs iGuidance maps

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  • Tomtom maps vs iGuidance maps

    Been screwing around with tomtom...

    Anyone notice the maps for tomtom being really unacurate (off position) and old whereas the iGuidance maps are dead on acurate? Makes me think that NavTeq has a much better product than telenav (I think TT uses telenav maps?)
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    It totally depends on where you are. Telenav is much better in some locations, NavTeq is much better in others. One product may be better then the other overall, but it would be extremely difficult if not impossible to ever tell this objectively for the entire region they cover i.e. all US roads. NavTeq and TeleNav do have very competitive products, they can vary greatly in accuracy though depending exactly where you are. Developer (I am Chuck)
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      If anyone is interested on how to add addresses and/or look up businesses on the web and sync them to their navigator’s “favorites”, here is the link: