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Mac Powerbook-gps ease of use?

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  • Mac Powerbook-gps ease of use?

    Hi all newbie here and I've just got route 66 to recognise my bt77 on my powerbook 12" ... I really wanted to set this up for a bit of fun and am happy that for a very small outlay I have succeded but am now not quite sure what advantages there are over a good old paper map ! OK I live in UK and don't do a lot of driving and I can plan a route with 66 but I could do that on my desktop and print it out ... what's the point of having the pbook on the seat next to me in the car ... without voice directions I'll still have to stop whenever I come to an unfamiliar junction to check the route This is not a moan I'm having great fun just wanted to know how you all use your in-car powerbook. Many thanks for your time ... Roger