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BU-353 connected via USB hub?

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  • BU-353 connected via USB hub?


    Looking into a simple USB GPS receiver, and it seems that the BU-353 seems to be well-liked. I think I remember seeing some thread a while ago about GPS receivers not liking USB hubs. Is there any truth to this? My car-PC is in the trunk, and I plan on running a 4-port (can be powered if necessary) hub up front for my touchscreen, GPS, and spare 2 ports. Anyone run a hub for their GPS? Will I need to power it? (the hub didn't come with an adapter, so I'd have to make one)


    CarPC v2.5 up and running - all hardware installed, skin configured, and iG tweaked like crazy. Now for OBD-II, and voice control, and camera plugin, and... :nutz: - it never ends!

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    Mine is hooked up to a dlink 7port and it works whether the hub is powered or unpowered. I do use xport to make sure it works after a resume.