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Microsoft S&T's + GPS Locator

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  • Microsoft S&T's + GPS Locator

    I was curious if it was worth getting the microsoft GPS locator or is it crap and should get another one? Thanks!


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    well i can tell you right now that i highly dont reccamend buying streets and tips i have it and the software is horrible but has a few nice features. although i dont have the gps locator so im not sure how good it is.

    i reccamend getting Iguidance for USA and im sure u can find it with a gps.


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      The Microsoft GPS unit is a Pharos unit and it works very well. I agree the software is not good. Go with Iguidance.
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        Seems fine to me

        I saw a great deal at Office Max, with the entire package for about $55. So I bought it. I ran it on my laptop and it works great. Even though it doesn't automatically recalculate the route, its a 1 button fix.

        Then I got dissappointed with the non-native support with RoadRunner, but the Brushed Metal Skin helps with it even though not perfect.

        It may be a huge program, but it runs with no glitches on my M10000.

        The GPS reciever itself looks nice (blue light), and gets a lock very quickly. I have never owned another GPS device, so I cannot compare it to anything.

        I do recommend it, even though it is weird.

        btw: the itty bitty buttons are very easy to touch so I haven't had a problem. You might be able to increase its size with the default xp accessability options since it is a microsoft product.
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          Cool, I will check out iguidence Thank you all!