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USB GPS on a PS2 Power Supply

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  • USB GPS on a PS2 Power Supply

    Hi all,

    First post so go easy on me ;-)

    I recently entered the world of pda and got myself a Compaq 3760. I had a sat nav system on a lappie, Viamichelin Mapstore, using an Evermore GM-307 gps receiver.

    I bought myself a car charger with a female ps2 for the gps and got a converter to convert this to a female usb so I could plug my usb receiver in.

    Problem is there is no power going to the receiver. I dont think these receivers were meant for pda's and I have read about possibility of differences in voltages between the two units, but this is all waffle to me...

    Can anyone say what they think the actual problem is, and how it might be resolved without having to invest in more pennies?

    Also, whats the score with drivers for gps receivers for pda's? An ebay seller of kit told me I would not need one, as the nav software has their own. Is this correct, or should I be installing software for the gps receiver, in which case mine wont work anyway as it dont come with pda drivers.

    Cheers all.

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    from what I gathered about your post, it sounds as if you bought a laptop GPS receiver instead of a PDA gps probably won't work.
    If you purchase one that is designed for PDA's and install the GPS software onto the PDA, the software and PDA will recogonize it if it is indeed a PDA GPS receiver