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Recommend A GPS for my Application - Speed Verification for Event

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  • Recommend A GPS for my Application - Speed Verification for Event

    We're putting on a performance challenge 6/3/06 this year ( and one of our requirements for our 100-0 braking challenge will be verification that drivers are maintaining 100mph. IMHO GPS verification via a passenger will be our best bet to give the driver in-car feedback and avoid errors in car speedometers.

    What I think we need (in order of priority):
    - Handheld System (will need to be easily passed fom car to car)
    - High Refresh Rate (I understand 1hz is the current max, but this will be critical for slower cars struggling to reach 100mph near the brake point. Faster cars may be able to reach 100 and even hit the cruise control before the brake point). Either way, a good refresh is important.
    - Cheap - We'll need at least 3 of these, and have no real need for anything more than speed measurement. Extra features will be wasted $$ for us.
    - Good Reception (can these be used with cars that have metal roofs? If not, a decent magnetic? antenna would be a must have option)

    Help me out!!

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    I've seen all these, which might be options:

    - Garmin eTrex Legend
    - Magellan eXplorist 100
    - Cobra GPS 100


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      Well for the refresh rate, I read on this thread, a garmin one can get 5Hz.

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