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Deluo (EverMore) GM-305 GPS firmware?

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  • Deluo (EverMore) GM-305 GPS firmware?

    I've got a Deluo GM-305 GPS laying around, and I'd like to make it useful. Right now it's about as useful as a refrigerator magnet. The darn thing won't lock - ever! I've had it connected to my PC at work for 3 weeks running - sitting on the window sill -and it hasn't locked yet!

    So I'm thinking there is something very wrong with it. When I did some research, I found that Deluo OEM'd the device from EverMore Technology ( in Taiwan. They have a support section there, but you need a login to get help. I'm betting that they only support their distributors. But you can see on the sight where they've got firmware updates for the device, drivers, and even utils for configuring it and hard resetting it.

    Does anyone have any of those utils? or a firmware update for this device? I really hate to throw it away. I've long since replaced it with a SirfStarIII GPS, but I'd like to get this one working and maybe do something silly with it, like hook it up to a robot, or a datalogger and ship it UPS just to see where it goes. Whatever. I just hate to have wasted $100 on the lousy thing.

    P.S. Before you ask, yes, I tried Deluo's support. And they were about as helpful as an average 4 year old. Polite, but worthless.
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