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  • GPS issues

    I've been doing alot of research regarding this issue and I've tried almost everything. My GPS was working fine (353) up untill last week, now I can't seem to get a lock on any Sats. I'm using RR and have tried setting up Xport but still can't get it working. I've changed/Split the Comm Ports and it starts to look for the SATs but it doesn't seem to lock on any of them. When I set up XPORT and run GPS info it doesn't find any GPS receiver even though I've verified I have the correct port set to input (2) and output (5). GPS info is giving me "No Device Found" on comm 2 and "No GPS Receiver" Found on comm 5.

    Any ideas

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    I finally got everything working again. I purchased a USB extension cable and placed the receiver on my back far so good.