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BR-355 and MR-350 comparison

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  • BR-355 and MR-350 comparison

    It seems that most people that have purchased a BR-355 GPS receiver have been very happy it. In doing some research on the BR-355 I found another, almost identical GPS, the MR-350.


    As far as I can tell the two devices are identical. My setup will require that the GPS be mounted on the outside of the vehicle. The MR-350 casing seems to be designed exactly for this application. It bolts to the vehicle rather than just using a magnet (and I dont mind drilling through my roof). Additionally the MR-350 comes with a 15 foot cable which would be killer for me. The BR-355 comes with about a 5 foot, which I would have to splice an extension into.

    The only notiable difference I found is that the MR-355 boasts a hot start of 1 second while the MR-350 is 8 seconds. I am sure that these hot start tests are fairly subjective. Is it possible that these are identical devices just in different casings? Is there something I am missing?