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  • Scripting Nroute

    Anyone had success in scripting NRoute? (I am using Autoit)

    I have a keypad controlled carputer that mostly works with an old version of girder. I have been in the process of redoing it using autoit. Works well for most of the scripting but having troubles with Nroute using "route to address".

    I using an AutoIt gui to prompt for an address and the call a function that is supposed to setup Nroute to route to an address. (I use Send("!RA") to route to an address)

    The problem is in scripting the Street Name selection. Nroute appears to be doining something unique in manipulating the Editbox and the Listbox.

    I've tried simply using Send($streetname&"{ENTER}) as well as several more complex variations with ControlSetText, Send, MoveMouse/MouseClick, etc...

    None of them seem to enable nroute to actually pickup the Street Name I'm sending. The Send will popluate the Edit control, but there is something happening behind the scene with the Edit control modifiying the ListBox.

    Anyone have a working example?

    My latest attempt is at