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I hate my garmen, hate hate hate

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  • I hate my garmen, hate hate hate

    OK, so the Garmen is the same yellow USB one that everyone got with the streets and trips combo. Im using it with RR and PuRDooMs IGmod. Garmen uses a Serial emulator to convert the USB over for some reason. Anyways, if i reboot my machine and wait standing still for a few minutes, it will pick up a solid lock. If i hibernate and come back it will not pick up the satelites again. It goes red or completely changes th emulator icon to the sat receiver icon. It will not come back unless i reboot.

    Well, thats not completely true... i have had it work a couple of times after coming out of hibernation but just enough to make it frustrating as all hell.

    Have others gone through the same thing?

    any advice?
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    sounds like an issue with USB and hibernation. Do you have it connected to a USB hub? Is that hub powered? Do other USB devices have issues after coming out of hibernation? I have seen a lot of other posts with similar USB issues, most seem to stem from the power management settings for the USB. Check the "power management" tab on the USB root properties in device manager. Is it set to "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"? Hope some of this helps...

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      Def. a usb issue. It's very common on windows for usb devices not to work or be recognized after sleep or hibernation.