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Delorme Earthmate GPS LT-20 opinion

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  • Delorme Earthmate GPS LT-20 opinion

    Anyone on here use Delorme Earthmate GPS LT-20. (I saw it at my local Staples) and can that be embedded to media engine? Also, if you do use it what do you think about it? It is at Staples for $89.99. It comes with the GPS reciever and with Street Atlas 2006. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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    cant speak of the reciever, but street atlas is NOT touch screen friendly in any capacity. i think i might have seen a mod for it, but even that it was severly limited.

    you can always use the reciever with different software, but reviecers can be had for 50 or so. no point in buying it with the software if you arent going to use it. esp when you have to pay more.
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