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    Has anyone tried this BT GPS from Deluo for tracking where your car has been, for example when your kids take it out? I'm wondering about this or something similar to use in a car with no CarPC.

    Anyone have any suggestions for an alternative? I just got a TeleType BY GPS which has some software which appears to do the same if you leave a PocketPC in the car. The integrated Deluo unit seems much more convenient although it is still fairly pricy.


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    A boost mobile phone ($50), a data cable (~$8), $6 every month or so, and load the mologogo software and bam cheap gps tracker.

    You will probably want to hack a nextel car charger into the cars electrical system somewhere for a more pernament solution. car chargers are $1 at (gasp) dollar stores.

    A charge of a motorola i415 will go for a good 14 hours uploading points, im imagining you could put one of these phones in a box with a strong magnet and wip it onto the bottom of a car you wanted to spontaneously track too. Its like being james bond.
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      Can any of the GPS software packages be set to create a map of a session (a session being from the time the program is turned on to the time it is exited)? Then simply look at the logs perhaps?
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