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    Hi all,
    Just got this new Bluetooth GPS Receiver Have also got a Class 1 Belkin Bluetooth Dongle.

    Can anyone give me any tips for getting it to work properly? I can pair it to the computer just fine, I can connect to it manually just fine too.

    The problem is that none of the data that is sent seems to be reaching the final application.

    I open up the bluetooth connection status screen (the screen where you see the amount of bytes that have been sent to and received from the device) and when I open up freedrive the amount of bytes received increases every second, so freedrive is connecting to the comport correctly it seems, but no data.

    I also have a small program called GPS Viewer (came with the device) which basically shows all information which is received from the device, but that doesn't show anything, although again, once that program is started, the amount of bytes in the connection status screen increases every second, so the problem doesn't seem to be directly related to free drive or other applications, but with the routing of the data received maybe?

    Anybody able to help with this? I need to get it working by the end of the week!

    Thanks in advance

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    IDk, does belkin force you to use special software for your dongle? If its anything like the linkys bluetooth dongle, it uses microsoft software built into XP and its really easy to configure.

    Perhaps you typed your paskey wrong (probably 0000)?
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      Thanks for the reply, The belkin dongle does have it's own drivers, but the software used seems to be entirely built into windows and yes, it's petty easy.

      Passkey was correct, and don't know what caused the original problem...

      However! The problem has magically fixed itself, lol, I have a feeling that some nice little pixies or fairies turned my computer on during the night and did something. I left the battery out of the receiver all night too, so that might have helped.