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GPS Navigon: Mystery connector

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  • GPS Navigon: Mystery connector

    Hi all,

    I bought a triceiver Navigon including:
    • Bluetooth
    • TMC
    • GPS

    Pictures: *click*

    Picture 1
    Picture 2
    Picture 3
    Picture 4

    First of all I want to say that I wasn't able to test it because the damn thing wasn't working. At this moment is on his way back to the shop where I bought it.

    So, as I was looking at the Triceiver. My eyes were drawn to the little coaxial connector in the middle of the 3 connectors.
    One is mini USB, the other one is CINCH for the RDS/TMC Antenna. The other one looks like it could be hooked up on an external GPS antenna. It certainly has something to do with GPS. Im just not sure what.

    Ofcourse i've seached for the answer. I've even called to the shop where i've bought it. Unfortunately it seems that no one knows anything about it.

    Its just a strange device, there are no documents avalible and.. well I just figured maybe one of you guys knows more about it.


    Richard van Naam

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      smc for external antenna?

      the earthmate bluelogger has an external antenna port, and heres the antenna for it

      im assuming thats what it is, in fact ive never seen that other connector on a gps unit...
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        it's just been confirmed, the middle connector is for an External GPS antenna!!

        Thats great actually


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          so now you can receive TMC data? Is there any pc navigation software that supports tmc data feed? Would you post some information about your software and hardware combination. Thanks
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