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Who Can Mod My Navteq Navi Software?

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  • Who Can Mod My Navteq Navi Software?

    Hello all,

    I was wondering if there was anyone(coders,programmers,etc) who could re-write or mod my Chrysler Navigation Navteq software so I can change the voice of the Navigation speaker who guides you to your destination! LOL! I thought it would be a cool idea if I could replace her voice with a voice of my choise. Like mine or some hot chick like J.Lo or Angelina Jolie. Anyhow, If anyone can do this, please contact me ASAP. I have a rip of the software so you can analize it. The software version is 05064033AC. This software is used for all Chrysler/Jeep Navi units in NorthAmerica. I hope to hear from someone soon!


    P.S. If someone can do this, please contact me to discuss a fee to do so!

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    just rent j.lo and have her read the directions for u b/c thats probably the easiest way.


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      LOL.....I wish I could!!


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          If it that easy, you would see hack factory navi software all over the place.
          The only attempt of using factory navi stuff is the Lexus/Toyota POI data, but fail or getting to nowhere.

          Like they said, much easier to rent j.lo or angelina jolie to read direction for you.
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